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Helen O’Donnell is a printmaker and painter living in Brattleboro, Vermont. Helen grew up in Maine and in the past five years has lived in Italy, Maine, and the Pacific Northwest. She draws inspiration from these beautiful environments, creating inventive and reactive imagery that give the landscapes in her prints and paintings an abstract and imaginative quality.

In the past few years, Helen has focused on creating Multiple Plate color etchings. In addition to hardground etching she employs other Intaglio techniques such as Aquatint, Open- bite, Sugar Lift, Dry point, and engraving to create rich and varied textures. When she is not making etchings she is oil painting, often with wax mediums and painting with her hands, to create vibrant and implicit landscapes.

Helen O’Donnell and Briony Morrow-Cribbs co founded Twin Vixen Press in Brattleboro, Vermont in January 2008. Twin Vixen Press offers classes, studio rental, and artists printing services.